Adult Pop-Under Ads

Pop-Unders are a great way to monetize your adult websites traffic. When a user clicks anywhere on your site, a window will pop-up underneath their current window. This is a  non-intrusive method of monetizing all traffic that doesn’t bounce. Pop-unders generally pay a very good CPM, making them an excellent revenue-stream, even if the traffic doesn’t click display ads.


Adult Ad Networks Offering Pop-Unders:



Plugrush Adult Display Ads

PlugRush is by far one of the most popular adult ad solutions. They offer great payouts and some very clickable ads. PlugRush also offers pop-unders and mobile redirects. Incredibly customizable ad platform that lets you tweak and preview your ad-zones before publishing them.



Exoclick European Display Ad Network

ExoClick is a European-based adult advertisement network. They offer various banner ads and pop-unders. In addition to those ads, they also offer floating “instant messaging” ads that are anchored to the corner of the screen, Interstitial ads and in-video ads. This makes them one of the more versatile ad networks.

It’s unfortunate that their mobile platform is separate from this platform. That means dealing with two networks and having to reach two different payment thresholds.



EroAdvertising Adult Publisher Network

EroAdvertisng is a European adult advertising network. They offer banner ads, text ads, movie ads, in-text ads, page peels, mobile redirects, IPTV redirects and more.

Talk about having ad options. This is the first ad network I’ve found that allows users to monetize IPTV traffic. EroAdvertising also comes with an insanely low €10 minimum payment through PayPal.



Juicy Ads Adult Display Advertisements

JuicyAds JuicyAds pays either CPM or CPC, depending on which pays out higher. JuicyAds also offers mobile redirect and pop-under scripts. For those of you trying to jump into the NSFW Tumblr game, JuicyAds is the best network to use for monetization. PlugRush no longer allows for their ads to be displayed on Tumblr blogs.



ClickPapa offers both mainstream and adult ad types. In addition to their display ads, they also offer pop-under ads, mobile redirect scripts and IM ads. ClickPapa has a low minimum payout and bi-monthly payments.


Traffic HolderTraffic Holder

Traffic Holder is a network for trading skimmed and pop-under traffic. You’re able to make money skimming clicks as well as from pop-under traffic.