AWEmpire Alternatives: Whitelabels and Camming Affiliate Programs

AWEmpireAWEmpire Alternatives: Camming Affiliate Programs

I recently jumped into the camming niche by building a camming resource site. Naturally one of the main methods of monetizing it is model referral programs. AWEmpire is the affiliate network for Jasmin, and also offers a model referral program, so naturally I partnered with them.

I haven’t had the best of luck with the platform (in fact, due to fucking chargebacks I lost the biggest payout they gave me) which is what inspired me to write this blog post. Here are the networks I’ve had much better luck promoting.


Best Performing Camming Affiliate Programs

MyFreeCams – Offers a 15% lifetime revshare. One of the biggest and most popular camming networks and also the one that I’ve had the best results with. The program offers a wide range of promotional tools including pop-unders and some beautifully designed flash banners. Promote a number of other camming networks including a wide selection of European camming networks as well.

Chaturbate – One of the major reasons I’ve been successful with Chaturbate is because the model referral is the same as the regular referral programs. I get a lot of traffic finding pieces of content such as my list of camming sites on the camming resource site. I’ve also had a lot of luck with their other ad types such as the pop-unders and IM ads.


Best Performing Camming Model Referral Programs

Chaturbate – One great feature of Chaturbate is that the model referral link is the same as the regular affiliate link. This allows you to create content that could possibly target both camming models as well as the end-users. This has been the best performing program for me as far as model referral programs go.

iFriends – iFriends offers a wide range of services including paid calling, selling adult content and fanclubs. This makes it a very easy program to promote. There’s a lot of different kinds of blog content that you can curate around iFriends and a lot of different kinds of lists that it can be added to.

MyDirtyHobby – This site really surprised me. Seeing how the majority of my traffic is American, I figured European camming networks wouldn’t perform as good. Possibly European traffic that found my site?

All other model referral programs have been ‘meh’ at best!

I Haven’t Played Around With Camming Whitelabels

I don’t know how well AWEmpire performs as far as camming whitelabels go. I’ve only experimented with whitelabeled adult sites once and that was with HostedTube. Eventually all the HostedTube sites got penalized by Google for “Pure Spam”. This was a major turnoff for me when it comes to whitelabels and the reason I’ve never attempted it again. If I ever try jumping into whitelabeled camming sites I’ll be sure to make a follow-up blog post comparing the various solutions.

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