Google Messes Up Meta In SERPs

Google Messes Up SERP shares the funny Google SERP gaff in a blog post. Somehow the search engine giant swapped out the meta title and description of with a Pasadena music hall. See the screen-captures from the blog:

Google SERP Meta Data Mess Up


Google Messes Up SERP Data Loses Search Rankings also reported a drop-off in Google rankings for numerous critical keywords and search phrases. The real question is; Did they lose rankings because of the meta-data debacle? Or was the loss of rankings due to algorithm tweaks and completely irrelevant?

As a webmaster, Google is a valuable asset for driving traffic. It’s even more so in the adult industry. It’s a fear of every webmaster to have all their organic traffic completely stop overnight. Usually when this happens, it’s the result of a Panda, Penguin or whatever other animal Big B throws at us. One doesn’t expect organic traffic drop-off due to an internal mistake at Google, which is what this might be.

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