Acquires Snatchly?

How To Make Money On Snatchly

It would appear that the Pinterest porn clone Snatchly has been bought out by There is no news about it on the blog, and doesn’t seem to be any mention of it anywhere on the web. Snatchly, does however now redirect to


What Does This Mean To The End-User?

This means get over it. Snatchly’s gone. It’s been getting way too slow anyway. There are better porn-sharing platforms. Move on.


What Does This Mean For Referral Traffic?

Well, it doesn’t appear that they’ve transferred over any content. That means if Snatchly was actually a huge traffic-driver for your site, you’ve just lost that account, that following and that traffic. That sucks, but oh well.

This also means that will:

A) Get more users, thus have more potential for followers and referral traffic

B) Get more crowded. Content might not have as much appearance in search results and feeds.

Don’t know for sure if this will make more valuable for adult internet monetization or not. Only thing for certain is that Snatchly is no more.

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